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Overview of Services

Learner Services


We offer a variety of support services for child and adult learners. We provide one to one & small group support, both in person & online, for... 

  • homework help

  • decoding and reading fluency

  • spelling

  • reading comprehension

  • writing

  • math computation and analytical strategies 

  • standardized test preparation

  • accelerated learning support

  • executive functioning-organization, study skills, time management, self advocacy, goal setting, etc. 

  • private speech/language services with a certified speech pathologist

  • social groups for pragmatic social needs run by a learning behavior specialist 

We also stay in consistent contact with teachers to ensure understanding both inside and outside the classroom.

  • we perform classroom observations to determine the best academic strategies for the child

  • we observe and collect data to create behavior plans, including Applied Behavior Analysis if needed

  • student progress is monitored to ensure understanding

  • academic materials can be adapted to meet the student's needs

Parent Services


There are a variety of services, accommodations and modifications available for children with learning differences. But, how do you know which ones are right for your child? How do you ensure the school is giving the student these services they need to be successful? These questions are overwhelming which is why Be Able offers advocacy services.

  • We guide you in knowing what supports are necessary 

  • We attend educational team meetings

  • We advise learning professionals about how best to teach your child.

  • Observations both and in and outside of the classroom are done to gain a picture of the whole child

  • Support parents in the renewal process of official documents (IEP, 504, etc).

  • Fill out forms that pertain to educational needs

  • Make referrals for additional supports required

  • Act as a bridge of contact between parents and the educational team

School Services


Knowing how to help a student with learning differences can be a struggle.  Be Able offers training for teachers and parents about what strategies work best for children depending on their learning challenge.

  • We teach how to adapt curriculum 

  • Provide instructional strategies to make topics more accessible 

  • Determine what digital and concrete learning tools should be used

  • Provide training in how to use any unknown supports

  • Support educational in navigating a child's neuro-psych and other evaluative reports

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