Virtual Summer Class Offerings

All classes will be held twice a week via Zoom and homework will be given in between classes. Classes will be

60 minutes long, with breaks to allow for movement. All classes will begin the week of 6/14 and conclude the week of 7/19, for a total of 6 weeks. There will be no classes held on 7/2 and 7/5 due to the holiday--pricing will reflect this if a class falls on one of these dates.


Sign up by June 1st and you will receive a $100 discount from the listed price. Classes are packaged and sessions cannot be paid for individually. If a student needs to miss a class, a recording of that class can be provided if advance notice is given. All classes will have no more than 6 students.

**the class registration deadline is Saturday, 6/5

Reading Review for Elementary Learners: rising 3rd and 4th (Tuesday, Thursday 4-5pm; $840 for 6 weeks )

This class focuses on reading comprehension and phonemic awareness. Students will work on phonics skills using the Fundations program and how to apply these when reading grade level passages. In addition, students will read passages of various genres and practice answering different types of comprehension questions through written and verbal expression.

Foundations of Pre-Algebra: rising 6th and 7th (Tuesday, Thursday; $840 for 6 weeks)

As students get older, math becomes more and more difficult to grasp. This class provides an overview to rising 6th-7th graders of the pre-algebra skills that will be essential in middle school and high school. Students will get both previewing and review of pre-algebra concepts and will learn new tools and strategies to support themselves when they are in the classroom.

**this class will be held from 4-5pm or 5-6pm based on majority preference--this is noted on the registration form

Middle School Standardized Test Prep: rising 6th-8th graders (Tuesday, Thursday; $840 for 6 weeks)

This class is for rising 6th-8th graders who want to prepare for standardized testing. There are a variety of tests middle schoolers may need to take for high school entrance. In this class, students will be exposed to different types of reading passages and learn how to break them down. In addition, they will practice vocabulary and grammar skills, review math concepts, and learn how to manage their time and determine a strategy for answering different types of questions.

**this class will be held from 10-11am, 4-5pm or 5-6pm based on majority preference--this is noted on the registration form