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Customized Behavior  Plans

It is common for children to need emotional support just as much as they need academic ones. We can create a customized behavior plan to support your child at home or at school. 

Behavior plans are similar to any individualized learning plan, only they focus on remediating social/emotional skills instead of academic ones.

For instance, perhaps your child struggles with tantrums and being able to control their emotions. A plan can be designed, based on his/her needs, to integrate certain languages and tools to support his/her emotional growth.

The Be Able Learning Behavior Package

Phase 1: Introduction

After the initial intake form is completed, an introductory phone call takes place; this call may be up to 60 minutes.

This is when essential information on your child's behavior profile is collected. This call can include any family members or educational team members that can offer pertinent insight into the child's behavioral struggles.

Phase 2: Customization

The behavior specialist will take all of the information from the introductory call and create a customized behavior plan for your child. This written plan will include specific tools and strategies to address each of the behaviors identified during the initial call. Customized tools may also be created for your child. This can include a visual schedule, reward charts, and visual behavior tokens. 

Phase 3: Implementation

After the behavior plan and tools are sent out, a phone call is had between the client and the specialist.  During this 60-minute call, the specialist will explain the plan and tools, and how to implement the strategies within the home or educational setting. A check-in schedule will also be established over the following three months. This is when the specialist and client have a monthly 10-15 minute call to discuss how the plan is working and if adjustments need to be made.

Package Cost: $950

Emotional/Behavioral Support Workbook


We had been struggling with my 3-year-old daughter for a while.

She is subject to tantrums and is very strong-willed and self-motivated.

Along with her teachers, we have had challenges getting her to listen and engage in necessary tasks of the moment, like brushing her teeth, taking a shower, or going to bed. It can feel so desperate and lonely, especially when your other children or her peers don’t seem to reflect the same behaviors.

That’s when Brittany and her staff stepped in. She observed our daily life and how our daughter can have good moments and challenging moments, how we were handling situations, and our overall frustrations.


Brittany gave us an overview of what our daughter was likely experiencing as well but was unable to verbalize to us which we hadn’t been aware of previously.

We worked together on a plan, gathered tools that would be helpful, and put actions in place to help us as parents feel more empowered and our daughter feel secure as well. The change was fantastic; we definitely had to do the work but as we went through it, in just a few sessions we could see a shift in her.

It was a weight lifted off our shoulders to know that we weren’t alone and that someone understood and that with some shifts in how we approached our daughter, she would positively respond. With continued work, we have seen continued growth. We’re immensely grateful and excited for the future!

-Dana C.--3 yr. old daughter
Reward Charts Examples

Additional Services

Office Meeting


On Site Evaluation

An onsite behavior analysis can be performed. The behavior specialist can go to the school or home, and observe the child in order to a gain a more detailed understanding of their behaviors.

Cost: $150 per hour 



Our reward charts/tokens and visual schedules can be purchased outside of the BAL Behavior Package. Please contact us directly for that pricing information.


Service Extension

If you purchase our BAL behavior package and would like to continue customized behavior support, we do offer time extensions on our package. 


3 month check in extension: $200

-includes 2 additional support phone calls

*Additional customized behavior support: pricing varies based on services provided

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