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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are Be Able’s Learning professionals?
    Learning Specialists Behavior Specialists Special Education Teachers General Education Teachers Content Specialists Early Interventionists Speech-Language Pathologists
  • What is unique about Be Able’s methodology?
    At Be Able Learning, we start by doing a comprehensive assessment in the areas of concern. We also explore the learner’s strengths in order to use those to help address the identified challenges. We also use information from neuro-psychological evaluations, report cards, and parent feedback to determine the best approach to teach the students.
  • How are students matched with their learning professional?
    Student need and learning professional specialty Personality and interests Location
  • Who does Be Able Serve?
    Be Able serves kids in grades K-12 and adults. We serve traditional and non-traditional child learners and adult learners. We work with professionals, parents, teachers, and schools.
  • What is the best way to contact Be Able?
    ​The best method of communication with us is email. For both prospective and current clients, please contact us by email at
  • How does payment work?
    Invoices will be sent on the 1st of every month for that month's worth of sessions; the invoice will need to be paid by the 7th of that month to avoid a $10/day penalty. The preferred method of payment is Zelle Quick Pay, but we also offer an ACH option through the QuickBooks invoice.
  • What is Be Able's cancellation policy?
    One-week's notice must be given for cancellations outside of the standard school calendar vacation times. Events that require a one week’s notice include the following: vacations, sports, camps, etc. If a session is cancelled with less than a week’s notice, the specialist is not required to reschedule the session. If the session cannot be rescheduled, the client will be responsible to pay 50% of the session fee. If a session is cancelled within 24 hours, the client will be responsible for the full session fee. It will not be refunded/credited nor rescheduled unless there is an emergency situation.
  • Where will services be delivered?
    There is flexibility in where services can be delivered. Instruction can take place in the home, at the student's school, at a library, or another convenient location agreed upon between the client and designated learning specialist. Tutoring sessions can also be held remotely via Zoom.
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