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Successful Transitions: Easing Into a New School Year

It is the start of a new school year; this is exciting but it can also be difficult. It can be hard for students to transition back into school after having a whole summer off. This blog is going to focus on tools and strategies to help you and your child ease into the new school year.

The first strategy is to implement a formal structure for daily routines. The summer is often a time of fluidity; children are used to having more freedom and flexibility to do what they please. Therefore, getting back into a strict school routine can be very tricky for children. The best way to support this change is to institute a schedule within the home. You could hang a large whiteboard calendar to show daily commitments, or have a visual schedule that is more specific with happenings before and after school. For further suggestions and examples, please check out our vlog that goes along with this post.

Next, incorporate a learning activity into a student’s routine on nights when he/she/they has no or little homework. It is important to continue to work in an opportunity for learning Monday-Thursday; this supports a child’s routine, as well as helping with retention of concepts. These activities do not have to be worksheets or workbooks; they are a plethora of apps, games, videos, and interactive activities to provide an engaging learning experience.

For specific suggestions and examples, please check out our vlog post.

Finally, allow kids to have an outlet outside of school. It is important for kids of all ages to have a sport, club, or activity that allows them to socialize with their peers and release their pent up energy. For some kids, joining activities or clubs is difficult, but that doesn’t mean they cannot have their own outlet as well. There are several ways to provide mental stimulation at home with an adult or a friend. For instance, many children find art, cooking, writing, etc., as therapeutic.

For more concrete examples, please check out our vlog that goes along with this blog post.

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