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Tutoring: When to Reach Out

“Do I need to get my child extra help outside of school?”

This is a common question that crosses many parents’ minds. So, when is the time to look for tutoring? There is not just one concrete answer to this question, but there are some factors that can help you come to this decision. Once you recognize your child is struggling, talk to his/her/their teacher. Tell them your thoughts and what you are seeing that is worrying you. They may have suggestions that they can implement in the classroom. However, the teacher may suggest tutoring to support understanding.

Another way to know if it is time to seek tutoring is by your child’s homework habits. If homework, in any subject, is taking them a prolonged amount of time and you are seeing that they are struggling, this shows that they are unable to complete the work independently. You may also see that your child has a lot of anxiety surrounding school or certain subjects; tutoring not only helps academically but emotionally as well. By implementing extra support and giving students a “tool box” they can refer to, their confidence will increase and academic anxieties will start to decrease.

Finally, there is a myth that tutors are only needed if a child is struggling but this could not be FURTHER from the truth. Oftentimes, tutors are needed because a child is not being challenged enough. A tutor can provide enrichment or an accelerated learning plan that allows the child to go beyond what is being taught in school. Tutoring also helps children who need extra help with executive functioning: organization, time management, stress management, test taking strategies, etc. The wonderful thing about tutoring, especially one to one tutoring, is that sessions can be molded into exactly what the child needs.

If you would like to know more about tutoring services and how one to one tutoring differs from group tutoring, check our our vlog by CLICKING HERE.

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