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"Brittany is not just a tutor to my daughter. She's a trusted guide and companion on [my daughter's] educational path...Brittany's ongoing guidance has been crucial to my daughter's academic success."

-parental client

We've Got the Buzz on Learning

private, tailored instruction for children & adults

Be Able Learning will be partnering with University of Chicago Lab School this summer!

We will be holding five classes: 
Elementary Executive Functioning (rising 4th/5th graders), Elementary Reading (rising 5th graders), Elementary Math (rising 5th graders),
Middle School Executive Functioning (rising 6th graders), and Pre-Algebra Skills (rising 6th/7th graders).

If you would like more information or to register for one of our classes, 

Registration is from 2/15-4/15.

The Be Able Difference

There are so many areas that children or adults can struggle in...reading, writing, math, studying, test taking, organization, or managing anxiety. The list goes on and on; here at Be Able we help learners in grades K-12 attain success by gaining the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in school, careers, and life.

If you have questions, please email us at,

or, if you are ready to proceed with services, please click the button below.

Be Able Difference

Be Able to Read & Write


We identify each learner's challenges - decoding, spelling, fluency, or comprehension. Based on their areas of need, we determine the specific tools/curriculum they require to advance.


We support writing advancement whether they need help at the sentence, paragraph, or essay level. We integrate the appropriate tools, strategies and technology on an individual basis.


While some learners may need extra support, others need to be further challenged. Be Able provides writing and reading enrichment to push learners to their full potential.

Reading & Writing
Computation & Problem Solving

Be Able to Compute & Problem Solve


 We provide individualized supports and tools to be used both in and out of the classroom for those learners who struggle with number sense (math facts, basic operations, number visualization, subitizing, etc.)

Problem Solving

Many learners are challenged by word problems and multi-step processes. Be Able provides scaffolding and strategies to break these down and make them  more accessible.


Some learners may need to be further challenged in the area of mathematics. We also provide this push in order for students to continue to advance.

Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning

Be Able helps learners understand how to manage their time, materials, and how to strengthen study skills while managing their emotions.


Be Able helps learners understand how to organize their materials and why this is essential for success. Simultaneously, working in the home allows us to show learners how to mange their work spaces.

Time Management

Be Able teaches learners how to manage their time by creating study schedules and assignment deadlines. We do this through the support of both concrete tools
(e.g., planners) and digital supports (e.g., Google Calendar).

Study Skills

Be Able demonstrates how to identify important information in larger texts, create study materials, and how to study from these materials and notes in order to be successful in academic and occupational testing.

Academic Services Overview

Overview of
Academic Services

Reading & Writing

  • Homework Help

  • Reading Fluency: decoding and encoding (spelling) using the Wilson Reading System 

  • Vocabulary Support: expand vocabulary knowledge through word work

  • Reading Comprehension: how to analyze a text on a deeper level

  • Writing: how to form comprehensive writing pieces at any level

Computation & Problem Solving

  • Homework Help

  • Number Sense: strengthen understanding of numbers and quantities

  • Word Problems: how to break down word problems so learners can better understand and solve them

  • Analytical Reasoning: guide learners on how to look at math problems in unique ways and how to determine how to solve complex problems/processes

Executive Functioning

  • Time Management: teach learners how to manage their time and use scheduling tools to plan for long term studying and assignments

  • Organization: show learners the various ways to keep themselves and their materials organized in any setting

  • Study Skills: demonstrate how to create study tools and how to effectively use these tools to study for any type of test

  • Emotion Management: anxiety can be debilitating for learners. Be Able presents learners with strategies to manage their emotions to achieve success

Enrichment &

Test Prep


  • Targeted curricular activities to advance content knowledge

  • Enrichment lessons designed to push learners to the next level

  • Writing support for college applications

Test Preparation

One to one support for college entrance exams content areas and study skills. 


  • High School Placement Exams

  • MAP Testing

  • ISEE (Independent Schools Entrance Exam)

  • Selective Enrollment Exams

Parent Advocacy

Knowledge for Every Level


Be Able guides you in how to ensure your child is receiving every support and accommodation he/she needs to be successful


Be Able learning specialists observe children in the learning environment to identify how they best learn in the acdemic setting


Be Able specialists create any learning tools or materials your child needs to support his/her learning needs

Parent Advocacy

Parent Advocacy Services

  • Be Able specialists guide you in knowing what supports are necessary 

  • We attend educational team meetings and advise learning professionals about how best to teach your child.

  • Observations both in and outside of the classroom are done to gain a picture of the whole child

  • Support parents in the renewal process of official documents (IEP, 504, etc).

  • Fill out forms that pertain to educational needs

  • Make referrals for additional supports required

  • Act as a point of contact between parents and the educational team

Parent Services

Instructional Coaching/Classes

Teacher Training: Students with Learning Challenges

Be Able offers support and training for teachers who want to gain knowledge on how to work with students who have behavioral and/or academic challenges. We provide information in the areas of teaching strategies, instructional/behavioral tools, and assistive technology.

Digital Planning: for the student and professional

We offer a class for adults and students in the new tools and apps available for long term planning. We address how to use Apple and Google Calendar, how to sync your devices, and how to utilize task apps in order to ensure you stay on track and on top of deadlines.

Study Skills

A small group class offered to students and adults studying for a large test, such as the ACT/SAT, or an occupational certification test.

Social Skills

Learners who struggle interacting with peers will be coached on how to successfully interact with those around them inside and outside of the classroom.

Coaching & Classes

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