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Distance Learning

Give Your Child the Tools They Need to Succeed

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There are so many areas that children or adults can struggle in - reading, writing, math, studying, test taking, organization, or managing anxiety.


The list goes on and on.

Here at Be Able Learning,

we help learners in grades K-12 attain success by gaining the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in school, careers, and life.

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For almost ten years, we have had the pleasure of working with students with learning challenges. Both of us have worked in Chicago Public Schools before working at a private school for children with academic learning challenges.

We have worked with students more than three grade levels below their current grade levels; this is not just frustrating for the children but for the families as well.

This is why we formed Be Able Learning Services.
It is our goal to provide remediation and academic support to students, while also supporting parents in their goals of ensuring schools are giving their children every service and accommodation they are entitled to.

Additionally, we work with schools and teachers to ensure that each child receives the highest level of support possible.

Breyana Drew Jones & Brittany Underwood
Founders of Be Able Learning Services


2019.Be Able-28.jpg

Brittany Underwood


Master's Degree of Education in Math Curriculum & Instruction-Concordia University  Bachelor of Science in Education-Loyola University Chicago
Coursework in Journalism-Suffolk University 



Wilson Level 1 Dyslexia Specialist
Illinois Initial Special Education LBS 1 (Type 10)
Illinois Initial Elementary (Type 03)

Breyana Drew Jones


Master of Science in Speech-Language and Learning-Northwestern University

Concentration: Learning Disabilities
Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders-Northwestern University Concentration: Speech-Language Pathology



Wilson Level II Group Mastery Certification                                         
Wilson Level I Dyslexia Specialist       
Illinois Initial Special Education LBS 1 (Type 10)


We have in-depth experience providing individualized tutoring and remediation for students from first grade to college in the areas of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and executive functioning. We also provide test preparation for students preparing for the Independent Schools Entrance Exam, Catholic High School Placement Test, Selective Enrollment Exam, and the NWEA MAP Test.


We are able to design and implement lessons using various modalities to reach students with learning differences, while collaborating with teachers and parents to design an optimal learning plan. We are familiar with a variety of support tools, both digital and concrete, which can be provided to a student to support an reading, writing, or math struggles.

Mother and Son

"Brittany is not just a tutor to my daughter. She's a trusted guide and companion on [my daughter's] educational path...Brittany's ongoing guidance has been crucial to my daughter's academic success."

-parental client

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